Our company have land plots in both Cheruvathani &Anjoor.In Cheruvathani,wehave 10cent ploton theDocument No756/97 ,Resurvey No 228/4 & 11cent plot on the Document No755/97,Resurvey No 228/5.On the Document No 2111/95, we have 30 cent with the Resurvey No 228/12 . We have 155.75 cent plots on the Document No2112/95& Resurvey No228/12.We have total206.75 lands in Cheruvathani. The totalvalue of the land at Cheruvathaani is estimated as RS.2,73,60,000. Like this we have total 135.675 cent in Anjoor.With the Document No 51/96& Resurvey N0 197/3 we have 4 cent plot& 13 9/10 cent on the Document No 46/96 &Resurvey No 197/3&13 9/10 cent on the Document No49/96/, Resurvey No 197/3 ,we have 13 7/8 cent on the Document No 50/96& Resurvey No 197/3.The total appraisal value of this property estimated as Rs.20320000. The total estimated value of our property is Rs.4,76,80,000. Stills of these plots are Shown below